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Who We Are

Salma Attah Foundation for Women and Girls Support is a Non-governmental organisation that is committed to removing barriers and creating awareness around inclusivity, and gender-based violence, through Training, Advocacy, intervention, Policy and Governance.

Through our advocacies, we aspire to bridge the gender gaps that exist in education, living conditions, economic empowerment, technology and political participation of women.

Our Mission

To eliminate all barriers holding women back, promote gender justice and challenge women’s rights violations, discrimination, and eradicate poverty by working with women living in poverty and empowering them with skills to be self-sufficient.

Our Vission

We envision a just and sustainable society where every woman enjoys the right to a life of dignity, freedom from poverty and all forms of oppression by delivering programmes and policies that uphold women's rights and ensure that every woman and girl lives up to her full potential.

Secondary Schools Impacted
Women and Girls Reached
Communities Engaged

Join us in making a lasting impact! The Salma Attah Foundation is on a mission to empower women, promote gender justice, and eradicate poverty. But we can’t do it alone. We invite passionate individuals and organizations to become our partners and volunteers.

Our SDG Focus

Achieving gender equality requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys. It iseveryone’s responsibility.

– Ban Ki-Moon

Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

Dear survivor, this here is your diary, your journal, your voice , where you are free to pour it all out; the feeling, the grief, the anger, the pain, the darkness, the light all of it for yourself and for others.

Boys As Allies

Understanding that building safer communities and ensuring dignity for all is a shared responsibility. Our involvement leads to a reduction in SGBV incidents, improved menstrual hygiene management, and strengthened gender equality and social cohesion.

We are helping women and girls struggling to pay for basic sanitary products in underserved communities. Gift someone a safer period by donating sanitary pads. If you can’t help a hundred women, just help one with 1000 Naira.

Are you a young Nigerian woman (aged 20-35) passionate about governance and making a positive change? Apply for the Kallabi Fellowship and gain the skills to become a leader who shapes a more equitable future for Nigeria!

Kallabi Fellowship: Raising the next generation of Women leaders

We are looking for dynamic individuals between the ages of 20 and 35 who are eager to develop transformational leadership skills and drive positive change.

Our Partners